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Lyn Birkbeck, Astrologer

Welcome to my site, where I offer astrological reports, forecasts and charts from decades of experience and a living experience of the power of astrology.


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I hope you tune in for this series and much more!



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What My Clients Say

"I want to thank you for the immeasurable service you’ve provided in business and personal matters. I’ve had the good fortune of working with many providers to support my unique, immense healing and development path.

Of all those that I have worked with, your readings have been more accurate, more insightful, more directive than any I’ve received – and I’m a complicated piece of machinery!

You have truly helped me reach a level of creative power that previously I only held only in imagination.

In your readings and the Oracle, which I use daily, I have a reliable, accurate, and forthright instrument of navigation. Your gifts and service can only be described in terms of the infinite and eternal."

- D.G. (California)
testimonial testimonial

A positively life-changing experience.

W. G.


testimonial testimonial

Your advice was not only helpful on an emotional level, but highly practical too.

J. D.



Astrology Articles, Poetry & Writing

Useful & practical writings on Astrology & spirituality.
September 29, 2023

Astrology Articles by Lyn

Articles, spiritual poetry and useful insights into my Astrology coming here soon!

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These astrological reports & forecasts are designed to provide you the most immediate and practical assistance based on your birth chart.

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