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Here follow the planetary portals for you to gaze upon.


Each Portal is preceded by specific instructions for use.


When gazing at any Portal, look at it without studying or analyising. Let your eyes focus all over it and on it as a whole, only looking at individual parts momentarily or if something calls you there, locking you on to it.


Also gazing beyond it helps to release the planet’s power, magic and assistance.


Just go with how the Portal plays upon you visually, physically and emotionally as it shifts and changes – healing, transforming and informing you as it does so.



Use the Arrows Backwards and Forwards (or the top menu) to locate any Portal and the Black Arrow Up to return to this instruction page.

Allow 10-40 minutes for the full effect of a Portal.


As well as gazing, try breathing in the image – and be open to it, keeping your arms and hands uncrossed.


Lose yourself in it and it will find you.