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A Personal Consultation with me

I have been a professional astrological consultant since 1979, and am the author of nine books, including the best-selling Do-It-Yourself Astrology now in its third ‘incarnation’ as The Watkins Astrological Handbook. Along with my own broad life experience and counselling skills, this has equipped me to help and enlighten my hundreds of clients regarding many issues.

You can read what people say about their consultations and reports, and what types of issues astrology can clarify before chosing which consultation is most appropriate for you.

How We Meet

Before looking at what type of consultation you want with me, as described below, first decide in what manner we will actually ‘meet’. There are three ways:

• In Person with me in the Lake District of England

• Over the Telephone

• On Skype or Zoom

Arranging Your Consultation

To arrange a consultation with me it is best to first telephone me, from the UK on 017687 72858, or from outside the UK on +44 17687 72858. Alternatively, you can initially email me. We can then discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable time for your appointment. At the same time I will then be able to obtain your birth details, etc.


In all cases the session can be recorded clearly for a fee of £5.

Full Consultation

This is an in-depth look at your life issues – past, present and future – particularly with respect to what is concerning you most. Your session with me will be an event where quite simply you have an intense experience of yourself, and so gain a clearer idea of who you are and where you are supposed to be headed. It will also include practical advice and the recommendation of any reading material or other means or contacts that will be useful to you. It lasts 90 minutes and includes your chart and a free written Year Guide. A Full Consultation includes at least 90 minutes preparation and the concentrated study of various charts. As well as ensuring that I have a very clear idea of who you are, this preparation stands you in good stead for any Follow-Up Consultations.

Full Consultation Fee – £125.00

Follow-Up Consultation

This is where we can look at current or ongoing matters and keep you ‘up-to-date with yourself’. Follow-Up Consultation Fee – £50 for first hour, and £25 per 30 minutes thereafter. Any extra preparation for sessions – for example, addressing any specific questions or chart comparison for understanding relationships – is £25 per 30 minutes.

A Personal Karma Consultation – An Investigation into Your Past Lives

Although your Birth Chart cannot usually determine exactly who or what you were in previous existences, it can certainly give you a distinct idea of this by describing the kind of personalities you were and the type of significant events that occurred.  When on track with these clues they start to resonate with you in the present, and this in turn gives you a greater awareness of, and command over, who you are now.  To varying degrees, you will find that the mists of time will clear as you are put in touch with the unconscious and greater part of you. In effect, connecting and engaging with your past lives makes you feel a ‘greater being’ than you felt before.

A Personal Karma Consultation Fee – Preparation £75, and then £25 per 30 minutes of consultation time.

Single Question Consultation

If you have a specific question for me to answer, by way of preparation I will draw up any necessary charts and ponder your question. Then the session itself will last as long as you want it to, charged by the half-hour.

Single Question Consultation Fee – Preparation £50, and then £25 per 30 minutes of consultation time.


Payment can be made by cash pound sterling, UK cheque, bank transfer or through PayPal (for which there is a very small commission fee).

Please email me to make arrangements for your choice of consultation.